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Massage Lessons

Prenatal Massage

Growing a baby in your womb for 10months straight can lead to aches and pains, loss of sleep and never ending uncomfortableness. For couples and dear friends hoping to become more involved and be a positive support system for Mom to Be, this is a great opportunity to learn and grow.

Included in your private lessons:  Pillow Positioning, explanation of pain, basic massage technique (quick demo and hands on help). 

Be involved and be her hero!

Parents to Be Prenatal massage lessons: 
Give a pain alleviating massage to your loved one.
$135- 75mins for 2 people  (The pregnant person and partner)
Save by purchasing a package deal:
$600- 5pk 75mins lessons 

Couples Massage

With an ever more digital world, endless working hours or just parents looking to get a private moment to spend with their spouse- look no further! Enjoy a customized one on one massage lesson, a gift that will keep on giving for many Summer nights to come! Your lesson will include: ambient setting tips, light breath work and light Massage techniques. Short demo and hands on help for both partners!

Summer Time Madness -Date Night Alert!
Couples massage lessons in-studio:
$170 75mins for 2 people 

Save by purchasing a package deal:

$700 -5pk 75mins lessons


Private in home lessons:
$220- 75 mins 2 people 
$1,000- 5pk 75mins 2 people
Limited space, schedule now to reserve appointment 

Deposit Required

$60 deposit required at the time of booking appointment.

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